The Hanged King's Tragedy

In a distant land from ages now lost to time, there laid a kingdom more prosperous than any other ever known. The fair king and queen ruled over their land benevolently day by day as they watched their people create technology and magic unheard of. With nothing to do but watch his self sustaining city the king grew bored.

As if hearing his wish, a man dressed in white visited the king and offered him what he was seeking. A strange ring of nameless metals was bestowed upon the king as a gift, this ring allowed the king to day dream and relive his past as the great rebellion leader he once was. Being able to live his recapturing of this very kingdom over and over again to his heart’s content.

Overjoyed by this new escape from his boredom, the king began using his ring more and more until one day, the ring wouldn’t let the king stop dreaming. The metal tightened around his finger and engulfed his arm in black ribbons. His body, now out of control, reenacted the massacre that was the coup he once led on his very own city. Men, women, children, and even his own queen perished by the hand of their beloved king.

The ring let go of his mind, as if to show him what he had done. His people gone, grimoires destroyed, and technology lost to time, the king now full of despair hanged himself in the throne room by the side of what remained of the fair queen in order to escape his reality one last time.

The land now quite, was visited by a wandering merchant that same day. The city once fabled for its clean elegant look was now painted red. The man found his way into the throne room, only to be greeted by an empty noose and a yellow gem stained in blood. The merchant decided to take this gem with him, but as he looked up he saw a figure shrouded in ribbons.

It is said that whoever holds this gem will be cursed to walk the world with the king following. Cursed to walk until death, either by time or by the hands of The Hanged King’s Tragedy.

The Hanged King's Tragedy

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