The Hanged King's Gem (Yellow Orc Gem)


A yellow gem about the size of a gold coin shaped like a smooth pebble.


Given to Arken Kao by an Orc Chieftain who resides near the coast of a mysterious island. The item was given in exchange for the life of his cleric ally Donne. The gem has apparent magical properties after implanting itself inside of Arken’s palm.

It is later revealed to be the very same gem told about in The Hanged King’s Tragedy. Once soaked with the blood of a queen, whoever possess this stone is cursed to be chased by the Hanged King. The stone will embed itself in the skin of whoever holds it, all attempts to cut out or remove the gem will only end in the gem moving toward the owner’s heart.

The Hanged King's Gem (Yellow Orc Gem)

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