Arken Kao


AC: 16
Max HP: 11
Strength: 12,
Dexterity: 18,
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 13
Weapons: Saber, Short bow, Hidden Blade/Gun, Broken Sword

Height: 5’10
Weight: 150
Eyes: Sapphire
Hair: Black


Originally born as a Half-Celestial in the Land of Aresia, Arken Kao lived a rather easy life early on due to being a commander’s son. His “father,” Ramas Kao, began training him in fighting styles and military tactics when he turned eight. While his father focused on military training, his mother focused on training him in court affairs and elegancy.
Given how Arken was raised, and his hidden heritage, he excelled over everyone at whatever he applied himself. On the battlefield, Arken was well respected. Even among many of the veterans who far outranked him, several ended up requesting to be part of his division in order to work with and train him. Arken had a lot of luck in court matters as well. While opting to not often attend them due to finding them boring, Arken frequently found nobles’ daughters requesting to join him at dances and weddings. Even after many of these dates, Arken never found himself much of a partner with any of them.
When Arken reached eighteen, his life took a very eventful turn. Following his father’s death, Arken soon became one of the major leaders of King Ardulen’s Army. As a commander in the army, Arken lead many campaigns against his kingdom’s enemies; destroying everyone in his path without any major wounds. Upon returning back to Aresia, he went to the local temple to see what, and who, he now knew to be his real father. In front of Arken stood the Archangel Azriel.
Azriel explained that before Arken’s birth, he had been sent along with some other Archangels to try and give birth to the Hero that Aresia needed in order to become the leading nation in the world. The reason given for Azriel never connecting to him beforehand was to make sure that Arken would choose the path of leading to Aresia to glory and not destruction with his power, without Angelic interference. Ariel then offered Arken a choice; live his life as a mortal and continue the glory for the nation, or join the Angelic Army and lead them to victory against their god’s enemies. In the end, Arken found a way to do both.
Upon joining Azriel in the Heavenly Plain, their god Ayn Sof granted Arken the hidden powers from his angelic heritage; including wings, holy fire, divine blessings, immortality, and rights to the angels’ armory. With his new status and powers, Arken returned to the Mortal Plane and once again lead human armies. This time, however, he focused on leading the armies against demonic enemies that had been hidden among the humans.
Arken relentlessly searched for and destroyed anything demonic in his path. Doing so ended up causing many warriors to worship Arken for leading them through battle and never once losing. He soon became a patron saint of victory for those going to war, even sometimes appearing to those who prayed.
Five years ago, Arken received his most difficult task; Arken was given the objective of leading a force to kill the Lord of Hell. Given his background, Arken had decided to just start off the war with a frontal assault between angels and demons. For the first time in his life, Arken experienced defeat. Fighting the demons on their own turf gave them powers that Arken had never experienced before and could never have anticipated. Back and forth battles between planes soon began and stagnated the war.
Arken eventually was struck with an idea. While demons may not be able to make angels, angels can make demons. Arken soon began using his power to make demons to fight in his army alongside his angels in what he wanted to make the final push in the battle.
In the beginning everything had gone according to plan, but as the army finally reached the Lord of Hell, many demons turned on him. Half of the demons under his command then began attacking the angels before they could realize the change that had taken place. The rest of the demons, however, realized what happened and began fighting off the traitors in order to give the angels a chance at escaping.
Upon returning from the battle, Arken was greeted by the god Ayn Sof. Ayn blocked Arken from extrance back into the Heavenly Plain and punished him for treason against the soldiers he had lead. Ayn announced that his use of demons in their army in itself was against what the angels had stood for and could only lead to the slaughtering of his allies.
Ayn told Arken that there was only one way to redeem himself enough to be able to return to the Angelic Army, he must defeat the Lord of Hell, and must do so by working his way back up from the beginning. He then told Arken that he will give him two options, he can either lose his powers forever and go back to his mortal life, or go through the trial to fully recover everything he had lost. Ayn also said that he’d allow him to regain some of his powers by rediscovering who he truly was and when he became worthy.
Arken made the choice of redeeming himself in order to once again have his greater form, though he plans to use the powers for different reasons. Instead of blindly following one, he wants to act as a balancing force between the two in order to keep the world as it stands now.
Arken then woke up in a small port town. All he woke up with was his armor, some weapons, some gold, and a note telling him of a ship sailing on a few days to a new continent. “If you truly desire to redeem yourself for what you’ve done, venture to the new land and conquer the evil there. That will begin your path and give you the start you need.”

Arken Kao

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