Dusk of Aresia

Session Two

Winded from his full on rush into the wilds, Twig finally manages to to find his seemingly stolen items along side a mysterious man who introduces himself as the “Defiant Akitaal”. The two decide it best to rest up for the night after a few shared stories over a meal prepared by Akitaal. A barrier of blood was placed around their camp to ward off any creatures that could pose a threat to them, especially the Kobolds rumored to reside in the forest.

Meanwhile in the ruined village, a campsite was erected by the remaining members of Vepar, Kreg the Mighty, Arken Kao, Wizwardo, and the once nameless “Aptrgangr”, now nicknamed Donne. All goes well as Donne and Arken gather firewood, only to be scared off by a an elk in the forest screaming and crying nearby. The party finds and investigates the village further to reveal small underground tunnels scattered about the village. Wizwardo was then able to scout these small tunnels to find little of interest other than claw marks made from the creature(s) creating these tunnels.

The party rests some of the night until Wizwardo is suprised by two Kobolds hoping to wipe out the party in their sleep. The two Kobolds are quickly subdued by Wizwardo’s fierce magics and Arken’s arrows which glistened in the night sky by moon light. After this encounter both parties slept well and awoke another morning.

Twig and Akitaal decided to go on ahead and find the next village of “Ash’ik” rumored half a day ahead, revealing Akitaal’s dragon form to Twig in the process. Once they arrived near the village, Akitaal transformed back into a human to safely enter the village alongside twig. The village chief “Vish’al” greeted the village’s new guests and offered them a place of stay at his home. The two investigated the village and idled about, resting while the other group began to catch up.

The others soon followed suit about an hour behind to the same village. Exploring the village in hopes of finding direction, and perhaps unlocking the secrets behind Arken’s yellow gem. After reuniting with Twig the party inquired about the yellow gem to the town mage, riddled with fear the mage told the party the story of “The Hanged King’s Tragedy.” Horrified by the news, the group was told to leave the village by night in fear of attracting the Hanged King itself. The general store then offered the group a few gallons of water each to traverse the northern desert in hopes of unlocking more secrets to The Hanged King’s Gem, and gaining access to the rest of the continent. Arken also caught wind of a general store merchant north of the desert in a place known as “The City of Cynthia” where he could possibly find a book relating to the markings on his weapon’s hilt. After hearing this information, the sword’s symbol changed slightly, now showing a bit of white through.

After the party has their first meeting with Akitaal in person, the group decides its in everyone’s best interest to travel northward together. They begin to traverse the desert with an uneventful first night, the party awakens on to their second day to come across two traveling merchants named “Angelo” and “Istrus” along with a man in a cloak. The couple invite the party to feast with them tonight to celebrate the merchant’s new found wealth in the herbs they’ve collected. All except Twig, Kreg the Mighty, and Wizwardo accept their offer while the others carry on forward. Arken camps nearby but declines the invitation to eat with the others.

During their meal, the couple reveal their cloaked figure to be a nameless slave, malnourished and heavily abused. Angelo wastes no time in hitting the boy in his face for fun while ordering him to bring more drinks and food for their guests. Infuriated by this behavior, Paladin walks away and explains to Vepar that slaves are legal on this continent, as no overarching government rules over them. After having enough of this, Akitaal morphs into his dragon form and tears Angelo in half, stunning Istrus in the process. With little else to do but scream, Istrus is also put down by Vepar’s conjured lance. In a continuing fit of rage, Akitaal proceeded to rip Istrus apart piece by piece.

With both merchants dead and an unconsious slave on their hands, the group decided to take the merchant’s wagon and camel to the city up ahead. Several days passed, and the party managed to keep their survival supplies in order. After denying a request from a cave dweller to retrieve some rope, the city appears in the horizon. As they see it, a dark figure appears behind them, wanting the stone that Arken Kao possessed. Kreg, seemingly in a trance, attacks the ghoulish creature, cutting through it’s arm, but to no avail. Coming back to his senses, he flees with the others to the city.

Arken Kao retrieves needed information about the stone embedded in his hand, and is told of the Legend of the Hanged King. Hearing of the consequences of this stone, Arken proceeds to head north, followed by Twig, Kreg, Donne, Wizwardo, Akitaal, and <decimal>. The heart of the desert awaits them in front, and the Hanged King pursues them from behind.

Subject to change
Session Info
-Scheduled time 18:00
-Actual start time 18:30
-End time 00:30
-In game days spent – Five
-Total in game days – Nine
-People Present: Chris , Andrew , Jeremiah, Raffy, Justin, Decimal, Ethan, Carlos, Gretchen (spectator)



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