Dusk of Aresia

Session One

Here we begin on a vessel three days out from harbor, laughing and drinking overtakes the calmness of the ocean waves as people share stories of their adventures, boasting and bragging, only to be one upped by the next story. War veterans, nobles, pirates, and sailors are all apart of this crew of one hundred sailing to The Undead Continent of Aresia. This voyage marks the eleventh vessel sent to the Aresian coast in the past ten years since the civil war between the factions of the Dawn and the Twilight came to an abrupt end.

With only half a day until their destination Twig, Kreg the Mighty, Yeryema, Vepar, Wizwardo, and Arken Kao all find themselves standing among the midst of this voyage. Each seeking to fulfill their desires in the mysterious land bearing promise of ancient spells, the answers to all things, mighty foes, and parlous adventure.

After three days at sea each person has managed to make acquaintance with one another but managed to stay out of trouble, however, during their final day at sea Twig picked a fight with the self proclaimed “strongest hero” Chaser Jon Doe and was felled with one knock from his ax, inciting an all out brawl among the crew and adventurers. Yeryema then began healing Twig with the assistance of Kreg the Mighty.

As their destination began to draw near a sudden storm caught the crew off guard as Wizwardo was given the crow’s nest and telescope by a drunken sailor. The storm shook crew and adventurers alike causing Yeryema and Arken to go overboard and Wizwardo to lose his arm. Finally, the storm overtook the ship and those who survived were tossed onto a mysterious coast where gray orcs began abducting those who were thrown to the coast. The party fled into the forest with the exception of Twig, who then decided to get on his four paws and act like a regular panda and bury all of his belongings. The orcs then decided to use him as a corpse trolley to help move six humans to their camp.

The rest of the party followed an obnoxious yelling sound in the forest only to stumble upon Chaser Jon Doe and a band of twenty three adventurers being assigned to militia duties. Chaser then promoted Vepar to first lieutenant and assigned him to gather a party and stop a small group of orcs that were heading to a choke point near the town. During this time Wizwardo was able to successfully rescue Twig from the orcs unnoticed, along with saving a paladin named paladin.

As the party headed out to the town choke point, Yeryema and Arken began to sabotage the orc’s fort by killing the single guard at the gate, their plan then went south as the orc had enough time to scream for help before his throat was slit by Arken. With the fort in an up rise Arken began to burn it down while Yeryema used magic to confuse the orcs by producing fake sounds. However, they over stayed their welcome when the orc chief burst through the flaming fort to fell Yeryema in one foul swoop of a great axe, being on the verge of being split in half. Arken, using quick thinking, negotiated with the orc and was given a yellow gem which implanted itself into his palm. The orc grinned and said “We’ll keep in touch.” as he walked back through the flames.

Back at the choke point Wizwardo, Paladin, Twig, Vepar, and Kreg the Mighty had a stand off with two orcs as Twig was felled, only to be resurrected by Paladin. After an exchange of javelins, axes, and ice, the party prevailed and returned to the town after successfully fending off the orc flank.

With most of the orc threat taken care of Twig went in pursuit of his gear which he had discerned was stolen and traveling northward. The rest of the party slowly followed suit as they traveled north as the sun set. Twig eventually caught up with the mysterious man and was warmly greeted at his camp.

Session Info
-Scheduled time 1200
-Actual start time 1300
-End time 1600
-In game days spent – Four
-Total in game days – Four
-People Present: Chris , Andrew , Jeremiah, Raffy, Justin, Decimal, Ethan, Carlos, Gretchen (spectator)



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